Zio Cecio Opens on Lovers Tonight

Francesco Headshot-1.jpg
Chef Francesco Farris of Zio Cecio
Zio Cecio opens tonight for dinner at 4615 W. Lovers Lane. Chef Francesco Farris, formerly of Arcodoro/Pomodoro, is originally from Sardinia, and his new place is an "Italian affair with a Sardinian twist."

Mains include Mezzeluna Alla Fonduta Di Pistacchio, ravioli filled with seafood and ricotta in a pistachio cream sauce. Neri Alle Vongole has squid ink-infused spaghetti with fresh clams. There's also salmon, Cornish hen, aged rib eye, lamb chops, braised veal osso buco, risotto and pizza cooked in a handmade brick Renato Oven.

They've been pushing it as home-style cooking, but not like any home I've ever been in. That's why we go out, though, right?

Zio Cecio will be open seven days a week for dinner from 5 to 10 p.m.

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Garrett Briggs
Garrett Briggs

My girlfriend and I dined there last night. Delicious! We will definitely return. The aged rib eye was to die for! 

primi timpano
primi timpano

Sardinian Osso Buco, lamb chops and rib eye.  This guy has been a tool since he was on Cedar Springs.


I am so excited to have Francesco back in the kitchen! I am making my husband take me ASAP. His food always tastes so fresh and authentic!

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