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So much smacking...
​Jonesing for a fried or folded, sweet or savory food-truck fix, I headed to the Food Truck Smackdown on Friday night. I admit I was hoping to find part ROT Rally, part food fight and part monster truck battle when I got there.

Unfortunately there was no ROT or monster truck rally, but instead lots of folks came out and rallied around a cause: Ten for 10: Water for Africa. In fact, I was happily surprised by how jam-packed and crowded the parking lot outside Sunset Lounge became soon after the doors opened. Way to go, philanthropists/food truck enthusiasts of Dallas. Y'all raised some good water money for Africa, and then celebrated by drinking a whole lot of vodka and Stone Brewing Co. beer.

Food Truck Roll Call
3 Men and a Taco
So-Cal Tacos
Enticed Ice

As usual, I attempted to eat one of everything. Making my way from truck to truck, I tried some salsa and a couple of tacos from So-Cal Tacos, a chicken Bahn Mi from Nammi, Gandolfo's roast beef sandwich creation, Enticed sugar free orange-pineapple ice, Gennarino's fried tomato risotto ball, and finally, Jackalope's vegan BLT.

Here's who smacked whom.

Look, you're really cute, but I can't understand what you're saying.

Gennarino's smacked the English language. The adorable yet unintelligible thick Italian accent on this truck is intense. As I waited for a batch of fresh fried bites to emerge from the Gennarino's truck I stared awestruck at the gentleman screaming out of the truck's big window. Something about Prada and Dolce & Gabbana I think. Their fried ball of tomato risotto was tasty. Not a bad snack at all. While I didn't get to mouth-smack their fried pizza, I am very interested in doing so at some point in the near future.

Cilantroverload, with a side of good bread
Nammi smacked Gandolfo's. This time, anyway. The first time I tried Nammi's Bahn Mi it left me choking on their dry bread, which featured chicken bits of questionable quality inside. Friday night, however, the bread was soft and moist and packed with crisp veggies and flavorful chicken that didn't worry me one bit. Now, don't get me wrong, I love me some Gandolfo's, but Friday night they came packing their less-than-deli-like sub-style bread rather than their marble rye, which tastes so damn good. Thus their sandwiches were good, but they could have been better. And thus, they got smacked.

Scott Wooley of So-Cal Tacos
So-Cal Tacos smacked 3 Men and a Taco. 3 Men just didn't quite have the ordering process down. Some trucks had multiple lines, some just handed out what they had as it was ready, but 3 Men decided to take orders and shout names out to the disorganized/confused crowd/line/waiting area. Comparing tacos to tacos at these two trucks is an apples to oranges situation, so I will just say I really, really liked the crunch on the fish tacos at So-Cal, and leave it at that.

For goodness sake, Jackalope, paint your truck.
Jackalope smacked one of its own employees. New to this whole food truck thing, with a sad-looking white second-hand truck that reminded me of an exhausted, pale and nearly lifeless vegan in dire need of a little protein, Jackalope made a grave mistake. They let their exhaust fill the inside of their truck, causing an employee to hit the deck. At least that's what it looked like anyway. An ambulance was called, and the tofu marched on. My "BLT" was tasty but not what I expected. It was comprised of toasted rye, a smoky meat-substitute product, tomato and a pesto component that made for an interesting sandwich, though not at all a BLT, or even a "BLT." Either way, I helped celebrate Vegetarian Awareness Month by eating it, and I feel good about that.

Enticed Ice is good, even when sugar-free.

Enticed smacked orange and pineapple together. Since they were the only truck offering dessert, that was my last smack. A refreshing few bites of their sugar-free orange-pineapple flavor was all I needed to complete the night. My advice is to slurp Enticed fast; it melts before you can say "homemade tiger's blood."

I've done a bit of research and discovered that there were some winners from the smackdown, voted on by the crowd. Nammi won best food and best overall. Gennarino's won best concept, and "Squeals on Wheels" is still just a figment of your imagination. At least I have yet to see proof that they actually exist.

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*ha ha* I read that name as "So Called Tacos".


Just when you think Dallas is not just a bunch of red-neck idiots, you read comments like this. Thanks for bringing me back to reality.

Kergo 1 Spaceship
Kergo 1 Spaceship

Vegan Awareness Month?  That's weird....like BaldFest 2011, or guys that fall in love with dolls.  Best thing to do on Vegan Awareness Day Month Today:

-Get a nice piece of beef tenderloin from Hirsch's Meats on Parker Road in Plano. Yes, it is expensive, but, ohhhh sooooo yummy!-Put some cracked pepper on that sonnofagunderson-Slap on the grill (just put marks on it)-Throw some fresh garlic on top when she's nearly done-Sautee some mushrooms in fat free butter, garlic and fajita spice. 

Goes well with:-baby new potatoes with bacon and shredded cheese-tomato and cucumber salald-blue lake green beans with diced ham, basil and 7 spice

AND Remember.........."Real people eat meat".

Trust me vegans, have a nice juicy steak, and ya'll will feel better!  You won't feel so week, tired and remorseful. You'll have the stamina of 1000 jolly elves as you march through the day with the fortitude of Teddy Roosevelt.  AND his stick.  

Kergo 1 Spaceship
Kergo 1 Spaceship

food trucks, drunk $ssholes and Saturday night.............hmmmmm.........sounds like fun!?  AND, if you made it home Saturday night (Sunday mornin'), you probably had to sleep ON the toilet, after the food truck "smackdown".  


You had me until Vegan.  I dont even understand a vegan BLT, whats the point


Hey Douche, did you eat at the food truck, and then drive your Bimmer 1 series over to Plush afterwards?

Mr Abednar
Mr Abednar

Ya we bet you like meat ha.. ha..

Kergo 1 Spaceship
Kergo 1 Spaceship

Oh yeah, if you can't get to Hirsch's, "git" on over to Ye Ole Butcher Shop in East Plano....."Home of the Buffalo Burger".  Let's celebrate "beef month" by talking like Ram Truck guy, watchin' sports and protesting the Occupiers.  Yesterday, I went down there with a bunch of razors, and said Occupiers fled like bright lights on a rat colony.  Who knew that's how you got rid of them?

Went to the fair yesterday-it was awesome! Well worth the 200 bucks I spent.  The toddler got a giant stuffed dog, that started falling apart the second he touched it.  By midnight it was covered in ducttape, and had no eyes, mouth, nose and had lost a leg.  

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