It's A Grind Coffee House Closes Doors Permanently 6 p.m.

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Popular Deep Ellum coffee house It's A Grind will close this evening at 6 o'clock. I was tipped off to the closure by Murray Street Coffee Shop's Facebook page. They posted the following on their wall today.

We understand today is the last day for It's A Grind. A good cause underlying a good competitor. We've always felt a rising tide raises all boats, and we are sorry to see them go.

In the Summer of 2009 the Observer printed an article featuring the shop and its business model dedicated to reinventing the American workplace for its employees.

I called the shop several times today to talk to manager Carlos Guerrero. When he finally talked to me he refused to talk on the record saying an official communication about the closure would be released in about two weeks. He did confirm the shop will not be open tomorrow. We'll update you if we receive any more official communication.

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It's A Grind - CLOSED

2901 Indiana Blvd., Dallas, TX

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The PR value for the Demeter Project has been spent.  Now they can say that the "living wage idea" doesn't work and go back to business as usual.  This was a nice coffee shop, but the financial commitment was comparably marginal relative to the war chest of the Ice Man who backed it.  They give 50 million to Parkland, yet they can only spare a few million to test a theory about living wage.  The problem was location, which had nothing to do with whether living wage can work or not.  It was a poor selection by the principals.

If this project was an attempt to offset the bad Karma built up over the years by Harold Simmons, it doesn't even come close.  Those who worked there were paid well, but they were also used as pawns in this PR ploy.  It made for a couple of nice puff pieces in local media.

The class war continues. 


It was good coffee and good people. I am very saddened by this because i had just started going there. 

Jon Daniel
Jon Daniel

Kind of a shame. Really nice people..."OK"coffee. nice spot too!  Surprised it lasted this long, because it was impossible to find...

Chuck G.
Chuck G.

I like the coffee at The Ballpark in Arlington.


JD gonna trade juan gonzales for juan valdez

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