Taverna's Porcine Parmigiana: A Fancy Name For Porky Deliciousness

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​I may have complained about Taverna's dessert plate, but the uninspired closer came after what turned out to be a stellar brunch. Sure, Taverna has the mainstays. You can get eggs Benedict or a dry egg white omelet. You can get a Frittata cooked in their pizza oven and an endless supply of cheap mimosas. You can't get Bloody Mary's -- Taverna serves no liquor -- but still. It's a solid choice for brunch.

Especially the Pork Parmigiana, which is what you should be ordering when you're here for brunch, or whenever it's on the menu. The kitchen pounds out a chop, thin, but not too thin, before applying a very light coat of breading. They leave the cut on the bone for a little extra flavor and a nice presentation. The dish uses sauce and cheese with restraint, resulting in a pork chop that still tastes like pork rather than take-out Italian.

Finished with two fried eggs, over easy, with lots of runny yolk for your potatoes, the dish isn't a typical brunch offering but it should be. Veal and chicken parm just got boring.

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Taverna Pizzeria and Risotteria - CLOSED

3210 Armstrong Ave., Dallas, TX

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primi timpano
primi timpano

La Duni makes a decent pork milanesa. A lot of the regular Mexican and tortas places do as well.

Kergo 1 Spaceship
Kergo 1 Spaceship

The dessert story made you come across like a ragin' queen; but this story is Bueno!  Me likey.  You see, blogs best serve when they envelop society, and give us facts and yummy pics; point is, we don't want to hear your "crazy" opinions, or how smart you are (not you Scott, but food bloggers in general).  Good story.  

Now, I'm going to go today-after I go to Whataburger.  

Already had three Breakfast Jacks.....they "ain't" bad if you put mustard and Chipotle Tabasco on said product-AND CHEAP!

Jon Daniel
Jon Daniel

Had that exact same dish in the Azores once (and yes, This is a Dave Faries-esque comment). Adding fried eggs to stuff as sides, or on burgers) is a great idea

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