Diwali Mela at the Cotton Bowl: Count Me In

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When I first came to Dallas, many commenters thought I would be some sort of carpet bagging elitist who would swoop into town and declare everything that didn't align with my northern ideals unsatisfactory. While I did complain about some bad guacamole, and I remain steadfast in my distaste for frozen margaritas, I think I can safely proclaim that Texas knows how to throw a festival.

I'm amazed by the scale of the events here. Oktoberfest and the Greek Festival drew in the tens of thousands, and now the DFW Diwali Mela plans on drawing 50,000 attendees to the Cotton Bowl Stadium this Saturday. Count me among them.

Diwali, the Hindu festival of lights, is one of the most significant holidays in Indian culture, stretching across five days and celebrating the triumph of good over evil with music, dancing and a ton of food.

Vigyan Gotewal, one of the event organizers, told me this year's event adds a second fireworks display and street performers that will roam the stalls featuring crafts and henna painting. Chaats, pakodas, dosas and other foods from all parts of India will be available too.

The event starts at 4 p.m. And runs till midnight; you can buy tickets online for $8 or pay $10 at the gate the day of the event. For more information check out their website.

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Anything done to change that perception?

Choppin Broccoli
Choppin Broccoli

I dont think anyone considers Washington DC "the north". Virginia and the region was America's first redneckville and in some parts, it still is. Though the infiltration of lobbyists and politician coattail-riders are certainly changing that.

I went to the Diwali fest at Jerryworld a couple years ago and it was a lot of fun. Hope the weather stays nice!

Jon Daniel
Jon Daniel

The South starts on I95 somewhere in the suburban sprawl between Lorton and Fredrickburg. I personally think it starts at the South entrance of Potomac Mills Mall. South of there, you will get sweet tea when ordering iced tea, north of there, you will not. This is the only true test of whether you are in "the South.  I think everyone considers the DC/Baltimore area to be the North. Downtown DC is 85 miles from Gettysburg, PA and 105 miles from Richmond, VA.

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