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The first time I bought Dude, Sweet Chocolate's "Crack in a Box," it was on a whim and possibly because the name was amusing. Later that evening, as I polished off the last bite of the two large slabs that were inside the box, I had my "ah-ha!" moment: the name is in reference to the fact that once you start, you can't stop, and you'll do more or less anything for a little more, just a taste man, just a taste.

"The name is actually more about the surprise that's inside the box," explains owner and creator of all things Dude-ish, Katherine Clapner. "Sort of like a jack-in-the-box. I don't use any fancy bows on my packaging. It can easily get lost on a shelf, but the surprise is what's in the box."

One of her first creations, Crack in a Box Nuts has hazelnuts, almonds, macadamia nuts and soy nuts, all swimming in a bar of dark chocolate that melts in your mouth.

"With this product, I wanted dark chocolate that was clean and had really good nuts," said Clapner. She went on to explain that the nuts are coated in egg whites then rolled in powdered sugar and sea salt to bring out the flavor and keep them fresh.

Get some. Nowish. Then you can be the judge of the metaphor behind the name. I'm sticking with the crack-fiend thing.

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Dude, Sweet Chocolate

408 W. 8th St., Dallas, TX

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jon from tjs
jon from tjs

i love the passion you hear in everyone's voice down there...they can't wait to give you a sample of something and watch you smile.

Kergo 1 Spaceship
Kergo 1 Spaceship

I actually prefer real crack......the kind that makes you drive on three wheels through Hunt County, the whole time in nothing but soiled Superman underwear, waving a gun and listening to Lynard Skynard and Poison.  The kind that makes you want to go on a Walmart shopping spree at 2:30 in the morning with chefs pants, a dirty off brand Polo shirt, and tattered Chuck Taylors; while listening to an Ipod full of techno beats, and talk radio.  The kind that makes you want to take out a wall in yer house, because it was "bothering" you.

I'm talking mini blinds peaking tweaking!

Jon Daniel
Jon Daniel

Katherine is so cool, and the ice cream/sorbet that comes out of that shop is insanely great!

Not Sybils_Beaver
Not Sybils_Beaver

And this: "He went on to explain..."? Oh well, Katherine is awesome.

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