Another Way to Mark Food Day: Food Matters, On Two Dallas Area Screens

The DFW Health Coaches will be at the Studio Movie Grill on Monday for a viewing of Food Matters, a documentary released in 2008 that's still getting some traction. The movie examines the typical American diet and how it effects our well being, while comparing our habits and the resultant health consequences with other ethnic diets around the globe.

Food Matters downplays the roll of modern medicine as a reactive approach to health and well being. Promoting wellness proactively through diet, the filmmakers argue, is a significantly more productive approach.

Holly Plant, a holistic heath coach who organized the screening, told me the movie will be used to frame an educational talk about food, what we should be eating and a brief Q&A.

Then on Tuesday her group is holding a cooking demonstration at the Richardson Civic Center, where they'll put their advice to action.
DFW Health Coaches
, a collaborative group of holistic health coaches based in the Metroplex, is hosting the viewing simultaneously in two theaters -- the Studio Movie Grill in Dallas at Royal Lane and the Studio Movie Grill in Arlington.

Location Info


Studio Movie Grill - Dallas / Royal

11170 N. Central Expressway, Dallas, TX

Category: Film

Studio Movie Grill - Arlington

225 Merchants Row, Arlington, TX

Category: Film

Richardson Civic Center

411 W. Arapaho Road at N. Central Expwy, Richardson, TX

Category: Music

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