Wolfgang Puck Continues Downtown Catering Siege: Another Reason We Need Food Trucks

Wolfgang Puck strikes again in downtown Dallas, announcing a catering deal with the upcoming Museum of Nature and Science. A lengthy press release details plans for two dining concepts that in tandem "will accommodate almost every budget and need." The museum isn't scheduled to open until 2013, but beginning January 2, 2012 you can book special events like receptions, business meetings, and birthday parties.

In addition to the AT&T Performing Arts Center, Puck's catering serves the Nasher Sculpture Center, Verizon Theatre at Grand Prairie, Reunion Tower and Union Station. This same catering service group recently wowed City of Ate with a 2 ½ inch, $6.00 turkey ham sandwich at the Winspear Opera House. While Wolfgang Puck Catering will oversee some of the culinary happenings in the Museum of Nature and Science, a sister organization, Restaurant Associates, will operate a more affordable cafe on-site.

Menu items suggest the company is on the right track. Peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, hummus and other snacks suggest a concept that is more fitting of a museum that caters to families, but affordable is a flexible term.

At a price equal to $28.80 for 12 inches of ham baguette, there's a lot of room to find some value in some of Puck's creations. Instead of micro-baguette sandwiches, sushi rolls sold three segments at a time, and tired cheese plates, what would you like to see offered with at your museum and performing Arts spaces?

Perhaps the city could let a couple food trucks park in the vicinity of these facilities during events. The competition would keep on-site businesses in check, and help abate the crush at traditional restaurants that have been overwhelmed during events and shows.

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Miss Macy
Miss Macy

I have no use for Wolfgang Puck whatsoever. I think it's his accent.

Eff Wolfgang
Eff Wolfgang

The nonprofits that are forced to use Wolgang Puck are not pleased about this news.  Many local caterers are willing to work with pricing and menu, and often donate services.  There are some leaders that surely have their pockets filled on the side to allow this monopoly.

Disposable Catering Supplies
Disposable Catering Supplies

Wolfgang Puck congrats for the deal with the upcoming Museum of Nature and Science in Downtown.... Now  Downtown Peoples  can take benefits from your catering services for their events... I also want to eat ham sandwich, Peanut butter and jelly sandwiches after reading your blog.....

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