Wild Salsa Helps Dallas Wean Itself Off Tex-Mex With, You Know, Mexican Mexican

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Oh Tex Mex, must you be such a gut bomb? The heavy cream sauces, beans laden with lard and cheese cheese cheese. I've eaten at a few local spots, and while the selection in Dallas is undoubtedly better than other cities, it's still Tex-Mex. It's still a little boring.

I like the flavors. I love barbacoa, chicken, and other braised meats. I love the atmosphere and casual setting, marked by the occasional smoking-hot iron plate of sizzling meats that announce the arrival of fajitas in near pyrotechnics, a trail of smoke in its wake. But I don't like the aftermath, the bloat, the carbo-coma, the need for a nap. Perhaps I need a Tex-Mex sherpa, to help me navigate the cuisine. Any takers?

Taquerias have long provided an antidote to Tex-Mex, but some ambitious local restauranteurs have been riding that other Mexican wave, the Mexican Mexican one, of late. Komali and Mesa brought us fancy Mexican food from Veracruz. Now Wild Salsa brings a casual, approachable Mexican menu that leans toward authenticity, while still resonating with diners raised on enchiladas, chips and salsa, nachos.

I cover the food at Wild Salsa in this week's review, which can be read on news stands everywhere soon or immediately on the restaurant page over here. Have a read and weigh in. You Aters have been quite feisty this week, and just like the push for more Mexican Mexican, I hope your chatter is a trend that continues.

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Mesa Restaurant

118 W. Jefferson Blvd., Dallas, TX

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4152 Cole Ave., Dallas, TX

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Josh's broken records
Josh's broken records

Bring your arse over to where the West begins and I'll treat ya to the best barbacoa gorditos around.  El Matate!  If'n you're a light weight, go real easy on the green sauce..it'll eat a hole in the plastic cup if'n you leave it in the fridge for a day or two.


Love, "Mex-Mex"! Especially, Mesa. We're fortunate in Dallas to have large latino populations willing to extend themselves financially to bring us the REAL foods of Latin America.

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