Top Chef: Texas Starts November 2 With Two Austin Chefs, None From Dallas and ... Pee-Wee!

"Mecca lecca high mecca tiny bit more salt, please."
Finally time to see how your tax dollars were put to work by Bravo and its Magical Elves.

As you'll recall, we reported back in July that Governor Rick Perry's office, that bastion of small government, spent $400,000 to promote the state's brand in the upcoming and Texas-themed season of Bravo's Top Chef, produced by Magical Elves.

The show is set to hit the air November 2 at 9 p.m., starting with 29 chefs who are quickly chopped down to 16. Those 16 then compete in challenges and quick fires in San Antonio, Austin and Dallas, the results of which will unfold through the fall and will be recapped fastidiously on this blog.

What else can we tell you? Guest appearances include Charlize Theron, Pee-wee Herman, Cat Cora, John Besh, Tim Love and Patti LaBelle. And two Texas chefs -- both from Austin -- compete.

Read on for the full list of chefs. More later, of course.

Nyesha Arrington, 28 - Los Angeles, Calif., Wilshire Restaurant.
Lindsay Autry, 29 - West Palm Beach, Fla., Omphoy Ocean Resort &Michelle Bernstein
Jonathan Baltazar, 36 - Long Beach, Calif., Heights Cuisine.
Ty-Lör Boring, 34 - Brooklyn, N.Y., Spasso
Molly Brandt, 30 - Hollywood, Fla., Allure of the Seas for Royal Caribbean
Chaz Brown, 29 - New York, N.Y., Fatty Crab
Kimberly Calichio, 27 - New York, N.Y., Fishtail by David Burke
Beverly Kim, 31 - Chicago, Ill., Aria Restaurant
Chris Crary, 29 - Los Angeles, Calif., Whist Restaurant in the Viceroy Hotel
Andrew Curren, 32 - Austin, Texas , 24 Diner
Berenice deAraujo, 33 - Miami, Fla., Sra. Martinez
Janine Falvo, 37 - Atlanta, Ga., Briza Restaurant
Richie Farina, 28 - Chicago, Ill., MOTO
Sarah Grueneberg, 29 - Chicago, Ill., Spiaggia
Chris Jones, 30 - Chicago, Ill., MOTO
Edward Lee, 38 - Louisville, Ky., 610 Magnolia
Whitney Otawka, 30 - Cumberland Island, Ga., Greyfield Inn
Simon Pantet, 30 - Seattle, Wash., Twenty-Two Doors
Colin Patterson, 37 - Seattle, Wash., Sutra
Laurent Quenioux, 51 - Los Angeles, Calif., Vertical Wine Bistro
Paul Qui, 30 - Austin, Texas, Uchiko Restaurant
Keith Rhodes, 39 - Wilmington, N.C., Catch Restaurants
Grayson Schmitz, 27 - New York, N.Y., Exec. Chef
Tyler Stone, 22 - Sacramento, Calif., Personal Chef
Heather Terhune, 39 - Chicago, Ill., Sable Kitchen and Bar
Chuy Valencia, 25 - Chicago, Ill., Chilam Bilam
Nina Vicente, 29 - Seattle, Wash., Spur Gastropub
Ashley Villaluz, 25 - Seattle, Wash., Sous Chef
Dakota Weiss , 35 - Los Angeles, Calif., 9:30 Restaurant and The Backyard

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Is Pattie Labelle going to get her bodyguards to beat up another cadet when she comes back to Texas?

Kergo 1 Spaceship
Kergo 1 Spaceship

Anyone else bummed about UNT football?  I thought we were turning the corner?  A lot of production in this blog today. Trying to distance from the DMN?

Josh's broken records
Josh's broken records

I like to keep up on North Dallas foodie thoughts...even though I never get farther east than the Stockyards. (or I may be looking for Nutkicking opportunities)

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