Dear Tillman's Road House: Please Put Those Experimental Oyster Stacks on Your Fall Menu

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Tillman's Roadhouse
Fried oysters, satued spinach and tomato over poblano polenta with a spicy remoulade.
Last Friday, Tillman's posted a picture of one of its weekend specials on its Facebook page along with this description: "Fried oysters with roasted poblano polenta, sautéed spinach and tomato, and spicy remoulade for $10.00."

Strangely, that post spoke to me in some mystical unicorn way, so much so that I gladly stalked people in the Bishop's Arts District for a parking space for twenty minutes Saturday night. They meant that much to me. And, I'm happy to report, they were worth it.

So, I just got off the phone with Chef Cody Brandt at Tillman's to find out if these oyster stacks will be around for a while.

"We're in a transition period right now because we're going to roll out a new menu on October 11th. So, we're testing new dishes to see how they work execution-wise and to see what guests like."

And the oysters?

"They're in consideration," he laughed.

Chef Brandt went on to explain that in they'll reevaluate the menu again in February, which allows them to add things like oysters to the menu, yet not be committed to them when oyster season is over. Good call.

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Kergo 1 Spaceship
Kergo 1 Spaceship

Half the crap in this blog is usually yuppie drivel, meant to satisfy only the author, and to let us know how "trendy", smart and witty the foodie is.  Got it right on this one!  And those oyster stacks look good.  No, look great. Salute'.

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