Swig Opens Wednesday on Henderson, with Plenty to Nosh

A new restaurant, Swig, at 1921 North Henderson, in what used to be Park, will have its soft opening this Wednesday. Peter Kenny from the Capitol Pub has created a lush, dark space with alluring seating arrangements and retro lighting fixtures throughout. The patio out back, formerly Bar Celine, is technically now a "speakeasy" called The Gin Mill, which has already been open for a while.

The menu at Swig created by Chef Casey Holmes is expansive, to say the least. It includes vodka shrimp, Jimmy's (local) Meatballs, Steamed Pork Belly Buns, Mad Mussels (from P.E.I., made with Texas pecan smoke bacon) and Truffle Salt Fries, all just as appetizers. There's also an option for building your own specialty cheese and meat plate, and "flatbread" that is treated like pizza. The Banh Mi stands out among the burgers and sandwiches. And, alone at the end of the menu are two "Mains:" Bar Steak, which is a grilled flat iron steak with fries and the option of a scallion ginger sauce, and fish & chips with vodka tempura cod, fries and a house made tartar sauce.

While the food menu is one full page, the drink menu is two and a half pages with 15 beers on tap and bottled options from around the globe, including many American craft beers.

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SWIG!!!!!!!! one of the best places i have ever ate at.   The food is excellent and the drinks too.   I can't wait to go back again.   NEW FAVORITE!!!!! 

hardee's har-har
hardee's har-har

well, we'll see how it goes. i'm not sure about the Banh Mi though, sounds like they're trying too hard to be cool, current.

the name is dumb, the 1921 below it is worse. is it purposely trying to indicate they've been a brand since the year 1921?

also interested in the beer list. hopefully they do it right. nonetheless, it will be crowded with the douche-crowd on the weekends.


Fabulous, another cheese-fag mono-syllabically named douche pen.

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