Nutella Mascarpone, Let's Bone ... After Brunch at Cane Rosso.

Ricotta pancakes. Nutella mascarpone. Berries. Pancetta. Face.
​Saturday, Cane Rosso served brunch. Not really that big of a deal, right? WRONG, DUMMY! Look with your eyeballs at this menu!! Ricotta pancakes!! Biscuits and gravy! Braised pork hash! Nutella pizza!! This brunch menu offers every single thing you'd ever need to explode your hangover. Plus Fanta.

Jay Jerrier
Cane Rosso's Saturday brunch menu for your eyeballs' perusal.
(More exclamations and drooly food images after the jump.)

Cane Rosso Benedict, thank you for existing.
​​The Cane Rosso Benedict was awesome, but you should know that despite its name, it's not actually made with red dog eggs. I'd say it's just a regular Benedict, but it comes with FRIED POLENTA. Which, as it turns out, is fuhking delicious.

But, nothing on my table -- not even that drool-worthy Benedict -- compared to the Nutella mascarpone served with the ricotta pancakes. When that mascarpone showed up, all the other food at the table was like, "What the shit? Nobody said Nutella mascarpone was coming to this brunch to show the rest of us up. This is the worst. Hey, Nutella whipped cream awesomeness -- yeah, you're great, we get it, everyone instantly loves you and nobody will ever shut up about how they could just eat a whole bowl of you and not even touch the pancakes. Congrats. Oh, also: SUCK MY BENEDICT!"

The Nutella mascarpone was exactly as good as it sounds. Get drunk Friday so your Saturday hangover can fully appreciate this hazelnutty, whipped cream-y perfection. Cane Rosso Saturday brunch is served 11 a.m.-3 p.m. Make this happen for yourself.

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Margie Hubbard
Margie Hubbard

So what's up with the meat on that Benedict plate?  Bacon?  Pancetta?  It looks delicious, whatever it is!

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