A Battle of Some of Dallas' Best Pizzas

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​ If you've been trying to find Dallas' best 'za, an event slated September 29, will afford the opportunity to try three pizzaioli's handiwork all in one shot. Côtes du Coeur Wine Society members get in for free; the rest of us have to shell out $20. The event benefits the American Heart Association.

The contenders include Jay Jerrier of Deep Ellum's Il Cane Rosso, Paolo Cavalli of Cavalli Pizzeria, boasting two locations in McKinney and Irving, and Salvatore Gisellu of Plano's Urban Crust. While watching three competent pie makers battle to the tomato-induced death, participants can enjoy the fruits of their labor in addition to other Italian dishes and wine.

The Cotes du Coeur Wine Society Kick-off will be held in the West Village Shopping Center, 3699 McKinney Avenue, and runs from 6 to 8.

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Tait Lifto
Tait Lifto

where is the registration page?  I've been trying to find it for 20 minutes using the main pages and links that no longer work....


This is most definitely not tonight.  I believe it is on 9/29.  But we will have the Packers v. Saints on tonight in Deep Ellum :)


Jay doesn't want people to think all the barfing is from his food.

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