BFriedEggLT + Corn Dog Shrimp + Meat Cone = One Damn Fine Fried Trip to Austin

Alice Laussade
The land of the free. And the home of the bacon.
Last weekend, I took my fried obsession on a tour of Austin, and good gravy did I find some winners. Here they are for your artery-clogging pleasure:

Alice Laussade
BLT with Fried Egg, extra side of pecan coffee bacon because duh.
Destination One: 
900 West 10th Street

Bacon is a new restaurant in Austin specializing in baconing. They offer a variety of bacon-ed meals, they serve bacon waffles and the rest of their breakfasts all day and for dessert, they'll even hook you up with a bacon cookie. Chicken and waffles are on the menu, but I'll punch you in the nuts if you come here and don't order any pork. Applewood bacon and pecan coffee bacon were the two varieties available when I went last Sunday and both were good. On its own, the bacon was nice but nothing mind-blowing (Remember, though, this place is super new. Hopefully they'll kick the bacon awesome up a notch or two once the new-restaurant-smell wears off), but put that shit in a fried egg sandwich and holy bacon balls, it's fantastic. Order the BFriedEggLT and leave happy. Yay fried egg with pecan coffee bacon and the aforementioned LT.

Note: Table mates also enjoyed the breakfast tacos, chicken and waffles (with nut punch) and biscuits and gravy (It comes with bacon gravy. Damnb).

Alice Laussade
Spinach artichoke fondue, sure. But in the back there -- FRIED CORN DOG SHRIMP YES.
Destination Two: 
303 Red River Street

Stop in for some second breakfast or second lunch or fifth meal appetizers and a beer or fifty at Moonshine. I ordered their Moonshine "Corn Dog" Shrimp® because I'm a sucker for any menu item with a name that includes quotation marks and/or a registered trademark. "Plus they're fried?!?!" Ordered. And they're unmissable. You must get them. They're crispy, the batter's light, they're on a stick and they come with a honey mustard and blueberry sauce for dipping.

Note: Didn't finish the spinach artichoke fondue. Pass. (Unless at some point in the future they decide to fry it. FRY IT!!)

Mighty Cone: Perfect festival food. The line's long, but it moves fast. Wait in it.
Destination Three: 
1600 S. Congress Ave

Last weekend, Mighty Cone was offering their fried meat cone action at ACL, which is where I picked up at least four hot 'n crunchy chicken and avocado wraps every damned day for three days straight. (They're good.) Battered and fried chicken and avocado, plus jalapeno cole slaw and ancho chili sauce in a tortilla. These things are the perfect festival food: they're great with beer, they're easy to walk with and did I mention the FRIED AVOCADO in there? Get some.

Note: If you're eating these at ACL or another festival, you're high and drunk and these things are so delicious you're really going to want to lick your fingers. Do not lick your fingers. You just peed in a filled-to-the-brim portable toilet hole and barely anti-bacterialized your hands. Finger lickage not advised.

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Nick R.
Nick R.

That second photo is pure Texas food porn

Chris Danger
Chris Danger

MIGHTY CONE!!!!!!!!!! Like Lesli said, it reminds me of "Pizza In A Cup" fact, thats going to be my new business when I open my (eventual) food truck ;)


Immediately springs to my mind:"Oh, this is the best pizza in a cup ever. This guy is unbelievable. He ran the old Cup 'o Pizza guy out of business. People come from all over to eat this."~Navin R. Johnson

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