Central Maket's Brewtopia: Yet Another Excuse to Get a Little Drunk in a Grocery Store

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It's a good time to be a lush.

While we shake off the hops-induced cobwebs of Brew at the Zoo, and look forward to this weekend's Oktoberfest, this Wednesday marks the start of the second-annual Brewtopia at our favorite demo-crazed foodie-fantasyland, Central Market.

From September 14 through 27, they'll celebrate all things hop and micro-brewed, even throwing in a cooking class called "Beer, Cheese and the Confluence of Flavor."

In addition to the 400-plus beers available at Central Market, they will have 10 brew masters in stores to serve up some samplings and talk shop, including: Steven Pauwels, brewmaster of Boulevard Brewing; Keith Villa, brewmaster of Tenth and Blake and creator of Blue Moon; and Original Sin Cider owner Gidon Coll.

The aforementioned "confluence" cooking class will be led by Greg Engert, the Beer Director at Birch & Barley, a restaurant in D.C. that offers an amazing collection of 555 artisanal beers. Engert was named "Sommelier of the Year" by Food & Wine in April of 2010 -- the first ever such award given to a beer professional. He will host classes on September 21, 22 and 23.

Check with each store for details on events.

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Not to mention that any purchase of $25 or more nets you a 25% discount.  Lesser discounts for lesser dollar amounts, but seriously, what's the point of that?

Chris Danger
Chris Danger

I may head to Central Maket here after work...looks like someone already has their buzz going on LOL ;)


For your posts, do y'all mind adopting the convention of underlining the links?

Margie Hubbard
Margie Hubbard

Central Market has always been a good place to catch a buzz!

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