Germany Turns Its Back on Beer Bikes, Should Probably Ship Them To Dallas

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Carpooling can be fun.
Aside from overpasses, we've just stumbled upon the most brilliant plan for reducing city traffic and pollution.

Originally from the Netherlands, these "beer bikes" can be found swerving along the roads in Germany, where up to sixteen people can sit around a table on wheels with a keg in the middle of it. Steered by a non-drinker, riders collectively help with pedaling, raising the question: who brakes? (A silly detail.) These bikes are even outfitted with speakers for bike-ridin' tunes.

Pure. Genius.

BierBike organizes these tours in several German cities, which include bathroom breaks along the route and limits beer consumption to 18 pints per table per hour. More than 150,000 tours have been booked this year alone.

Unfortunately, courts in Munich and Dusseldorf recently put the kibosh on the bikes because of complaints from (jealous) drivers about "rowdiness" and traffic jams. Apparently, as the miles and drinking increase, the pedaling, or perhaps lack there of, grows erratic, causing surrounding (jealous) drivers to get a bit hostile (jealous).

To which we say: ship'em on over, Munich and Dusseldorf. McKinney Ave. trolleys are charming and all, but think about how much more amusing beer bikes would be. There are ample opportunities for rest stops, plenty of free valet stands, and I've seen the legs around Dallas. We're a healthy lot. We got this.



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Brittanie Shey
Brittanie Shey

We have these in Houston. Believe me, they suck. It's usually drunken frat boys, and they block the roads with their drunken antics. HATE.

Anna Merlan
Anna Merlan

One time in Nashville I saw several of the drunkest women in the universe pedaling one of these things downhill at tremendous speeds. They were unafraid. It was heroic, or something.

Fin Ish
Fin Ish

i cant even begin to explain the awesomeness of this! though i'm sure some asshole in a Range Rover or nuevo-Hummer would side-swipe it on McKinney or Greenville Ave.

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