Food-Truck Porn: An Idea Made for Dallas

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It's a tough job, but food news is food news. The sequel to The Flying Pink Pig, a food truck parody and porn film, will hit the shelves August 30. The movie took an interesting turn after media coverage exploded surrounding allegations that Joe Kim, the owner of the truck featured in the film, had been duped.

Kim didn't realize until after the film was completed that people might not want to eat tacos prepared on a table that previously hosted a double penetration scene with Nicki Hunter. He threatened legal action, claiming the production company misrepresented the film as a love story, telling LA Weekly "I was told by one of my ex-employees that this company wanted to use our truck as the background for their romantic movie."

Kim hoped to prevent the film's release or at least get the title changed, but his plan backfired. The movie came out as scheduled and the media coverage created more publicity, spurring a second flick creatively named The Flying Pink Pig 2. Erica McLean, the director of the series, realized Kim had handed her a gold mine, and the sequel features even bigger names, including Alexis Texas, the porno superstar known best for her very large asset, who's from Brownwood, Texas. The plot -- as if anyone cares about plot in porn -- revolves around a food-truck sex scandal.

Hmm. Brownwood is less than a three-hour drive from Dallas. Dallas is Texas proud. The populace likes food trucks and loves porn almost as much as tacos (at least 50 percent of Dallas, anyway). Hey, Fuzzy Taco and Velvet Taco, what are you waiting for? We smell a marketing bonanza. Why be merely PG-13 with those names? X could mark your spot.

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