Vegetables are Good, but Doughnuts are Better

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Sara Kerens
Jonathon's Oak Cliff
This week, RedFork regained momentum, Denton students got healthier options, and one writer decided that doughnuts are tasty.

City of Ate
Can a restaurant with a minuscule kitchen and forgettable beef burger really be all that good? Scott Reitz pretty much said, "Duh, of course it can." Forget about the burger. For all of its growing pains, Jonathon's Oak Cliff makes an excellent coffee-honey glazed pork chop, chicken and waffles and other comforting favorites for cheap prices.

After the early exodus of two top chefs, RedFork floundered for a while. Now that chef Ryan Carbery has found his groove and hired back-up, Reitz says the "gastro pub" is ready for a second look.

We told you season nine of Top Chef is going to be in Texas. We also told you the state paid a stupid amount of money to make it happen. Now, we're telling you that Emeril Lagasse and Hugh Acheson will be judges, and there will be new challenges.

Whole Foods canceled Ramadan-related promotions, saying "We should not highlight Ramadan in signage in our stores as that could be considered 'Celebrating or promoting' Ramadan." No. Wouldn't want to do that.

UNT students will be able to enjoy a completely vegan menu this year at the Mean Greens cafeteria. We are assured that the menu is diverse, honey-free, meat-free and occasionally carrot-laden.

In a bid for your affection, Whataburger will give away free food next week.

Reitz takes a first look at the new Velvet Taco on North Henderson; dubs it a place for the "hungry and curious."

Side Dish
Two Corks and a Bottle, a custom winery and wine bar, opened recently. They'll help you create your own wine and label or let you sip from their wine-list on a dog-friendly patio while supporting nonprofit organizations. Name some place more magical, but you can't say Disney World.

Daniel Walker goes on an admittedly brutal quest for the best doughnuts in Dallas.

We found somebody to say something less-than-flattering about Wild Salsa.

Pegasus News
Restaurateur Patrick Colombo will open a new Italian restaurant called Princi Italia. The restaurant will be "a modern Tuscan farmhouse-style restaurant," headed by chef Kevin Ascolese.

Is there such thing as too much pho? Not at all, not even a little bit. That's why it's still a big, exciting deal that Crimson Asian will open in the West Village.

You guys. This In-N-Out obsession has to stop. One guy was actually waiting in line since he got home from work the previous evening.

Escape Hatch Dallas
Primebar, what Mike Hiller describes as another honey-colored restaurant and bar, will open on Cedar Springs in September. The menu is described as "New American," meaning sandwiches and burgers you've already seen, plus a variety of small plates.

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We visited today for the first time. We had a senior citizen with us and were awaiting for one party member. Even though they had tables available, some prancing waiter in no such words sent us packing outside in the 100 degree weather... I can't remember when was the last time we were treated in such a rude fashion. It was embarrassing, it was demeaning, and their oh-so-much-cooler-than-thou waiter is oblivious to the power of the Internet and social media...


You missed a lot on cravedfw they erite more each day then everyone combined.

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