The Top 3 Inventive Recipes in Our Blue Ribbon Contest

A few weeks ago, we announced a Blue Ribbon recipe contest to see what foodie innovations you could throw our way for Taste of Dallas. The idea was: You send us the recipes; we study them, drool profusely, and the winners get to cook live at this weekend's Dallas Food Fest.

You didn't disappoint. The recipes were electric and fascinating. Completely wild stuff. We had to pick a few though, and here's how we landed:

1st Place: Habanero & Soy Glazed Pork Belly
Prepared by Thomas Archer

2nd Place: Best Damn BBQ Chicken Tacos
Prepared by Amy Curry

3rd Place: La Torta Di Ricotta Di Mamma (Mom's Italian cheese cake)
Prepared by Barbara Giacometti

At the Chef's Stage of Taste of Dallas on Saturday, July 9th, the winners will present 10-minute culinary demos of their recipes, along with samples. Good news, right? Be sure to hit them up for their recipes. Based on their photos (after the jump), begging may be necessary.

Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for habaneropork.jpg
Thomas Archer's winning dish of habanero and soy glazed pork belly
Amy Curry's "Best Damn BBQ Chicken Tacos" with cilantro lime, and poblano peppers
Barbara Giacometti's La torta di Ricotta di Mamma (Mom's Italian cheese cake) with rasberries
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