Our Five Favorite Taco Shots from Taste of Dallas 2011

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All photos Alex Scott
Cowboy Chow certainly makes some good cowboy chow
Unless you literally just unstuck your arm from under a rock in a canyon somewhere, you'd know we City of Ate-rs love us some tacos. We've shot them, mapped them, and shoveled them into our tortilla-holes.

You'd also know, unless you've been in the canyon again, that Taste of Dallas took over Fair Park this weekend. Luckily for our cilantro-and-onion washed senses, photographer Alex Scott stopped by long enough to get sweat-drenched, eat some kick-ass Cowboy Chow, and grab some photos of Dallas' tacos.

Here are some of our favorites.
All photos by Alex Scott
"Best Damn BBQ Chicken Tacos" from our Blue Ribbon Contest contestant
All photos by Alex Scott
Blue Goose sure knows the way to our taco hearts.
Gahhhh, drooolll...ahhh...Cowboy Chow's meaty tacos...
Torchy's perfect scoop of guacamole makes their tacos
Vivid tacos from 3 Men and a Taco

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Trevor Talbert
Trevor Talbert

You have to be an immigrant to like tacos?  Does that also apply to pizza, pho, and fish & chips? 


Yes, and idiots are taking over the comments section.

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