Rules of the Kitchen, and More from Ocean Prime's Sonny Pache

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Ocean Prime Dallas
​This is part three of our three-part interview with Pache. Click on the Three-Course Meal link for more from Pache and other Dallas chefs.

What are your top five rules of the kitchen?

Always taste your food.

Keep your station clean.

Always be on time.

Always have a clean, pressed uniform.

Always have fun. No matter what you're doing.

What are your top five favorite cookbooks?

On The Line, Eric Ripert

French Laundry, Thomas Keller

White Heat, Marco Pierre White

Happy In The Kitchen, Michelle Richard

Michael Mina, Michael Mina

Three reasons why you should be nice to your server.

They're serving you your food.

They control your dining experience.

They'll most likely be the ones that recognize should you revisit the restaurant.

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Ocean Prime

2101 Cedar Springs Road, Dallas, TX

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