Ocean Prime's Sonny Pache Needs More Greek Restaurants in Dallas, Damnit

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Ocean Prime Dallas
​This is part two of our interview with Ocean Prime's Sonny Pache. Read part one here.

What are the five Dallas restaurants you go to most often?
Mama's Daughters Diner. Fireside Pies. Hunan Express, eatZi's, Fearings at The Ritz Carlton.

What does Dallas need more of?
Neighborhood-style restaurants/gastro-pubs, gourmet ice cream shops, food trucks, multi-cultural restaurants (Greek, Indian, etc)

What is the best of Dallas when it comes to restaurants?
Tex-mex: Mi Cocina

What is the worst of Dallas when it comes to restaurants?
Greek/Mediterranean, because there are none

If you could steal one dish off another Dallas chef's menu, what would it be?
The bacon and egg appetizer at Abacus

Are there any off menu specialties that guests in the know can request?
All guests are special guests and we try to make every request happen. (One of our philosophies is, "Yes is the answer. What is the question?")

With all of the steakhouses in Dallas, what is it that you think keeps Ocean Prime ranked with the top dogs?
Our genuine hospitality. Whether a server or a line cook, our genuineness is a reflection of the experience that you will have, from the service to the food. We want to take care of our guests no matter what the situation may be.

What is your steak "philosophy"? What about seafood?
Use the freshest and best ingredients for steak and seafood and keep it simple.

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Ocean Prime

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Hey sonny you're a moron and at least everyone else can see it as well! Tell this guy to go back to Ohio and maybe someone will teach him to cook.

Ali Baba
Ali Baba

Hey Sonny! Ali Baba Mediterranean Grill has 3 Dallas-area locations and we've been around for years!! The Observer has even bestowed us with many "Best of" awards, so come in and see us. We know how you feel...


Geeze, has he never heard of Cafe Izmir? You can't get anymore 'neighborhood mom 'n pop' Greek/Mediterranean/Middle Eastern than them.Hunan Express? Has he never been to Richardson or Garland?And I'm not even touching Mi Cocina!


Was this an interview or did you send him a list of questions by email for him to answer? Or is it standard operating procedure to simply let dumb statements go unchecked? If he really thinks Mi Cocina is the best Dallas has to offer, I think he's an idiot, but it's still an answer. But he hardly even has to leave Uptown to find Greek (and there's plenty more where that came from), and the "neighborhood gastropub" concept had become such a trendy thing in Dallas. Seriously, I think they put this guy up at the Aston and they let him walk to work and then go to any restaurant, as long as it's on McKinney Ave.Also, you are being incredibly generous to call his restaurant "ranked with the top dogs". It is pretty mediocre. "priced with the top dogs" is probably the more accurate way to phrase that.


Judging by his answers given, this guy knows nothing about fine food.Mi Cocina as great Tex Mex? He dosent like to mask the true flavor of his food??...what about all his "truffle butter" sauces. 


What does he mean there are no Greek or Mediterranean restaurants here?  There are almost too many to list!  Does he mean there are none that he likes?  Why?  What is missing from the  G/Med. restaurants we do have?

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