Now You Can Crack Open a Beer With Your iPhone

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The Opena!
In the department of tech-additions-you-must-have ...

Two Australian geniuses (Rob Ward and Chris Peters) have invented the perfect iPhone case: one that can open your beer. They're calling it "the Opena," and, according to the fancy pants video, it slides out of the back of the case like a box-cutter.

Of course, like any "as seen on TV" invention, it's beginning at the low-low price of forty dollars! Hey, who cares. Now you can open a Shiner while on speaker phone. Priceless. If you're really curious on how this sucker works, check the video after the jump.

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Hmm, Just when I'm about to introduce my iPhone with an iCorkscrew for wine.


why in the world are they calling it the iOpena? that seems like a logical name!!!

Duh Mcduherson
Duh Mcduherson

Retarded invention...  what about spray?  For instance, lets assume that a beer was dropped or shaken prior to being opened... you want to put your iPhone near that violent burst of liquid?   Not me.

Nick R.
Nick R.

Hey, at least it's better than opening a beer from the bottom of a flip-flop.

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