Late Lunch? Early Dinner? Grab a Cheap Sammi at Schlotzsky's.

It's a sandwich, but it's round. Like, our minds are so blown right now.
Schlotzsky's is 40 already. Who knew? Boy how time flies when you're waiting for your round sourdough sandwich to toast. But, like any cat with a funny name, they're going through their midlife crises with a revamped look.

I never noticed the old look, honestly. I mean, they have those Cinnabons now, so, who cares about the sandwiches or hanging art, right? In case you do, today is your day because you can get a small Original for $1.99 at all their DFW locations. Just today, though. Don't say I didn't warn you if you don't get one today.

And, in case you fear your electric bill this month is going to be the end of any financial security you ever envisioned and you're slaving away at every job you can find to pay off the 1.21 gigawatts of power it takes to keep the house at 85 degrees, then you'll be glad to know that they're also giving away a chance to win free SchLOTZsky's for a year. That's a LOTZ of sandwiches. Maybe then you could be the Jared of Subway for Schlotzsky's. Win, pitch the idea and see what happens. Got nothing to lose, right?

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Philip Berne
Philip Berne

Schlotzky's? Seriously!?! Their sandwiches are reheated from frozen pucks. Sandwiches!! Any deli that can't make a sandwich fresh doesn't deserve to be called a deli. And any 'food' site that recommends anyone eat at Schlotzky's doesn't deserve my time. Pathetic.


I won't argue any of your epicurial points, Phillip. Just a newsie piece for the area. Somebody must eat there, right? Besides, the only thing I remarked favorably on were the cinnabons. And anyone who hates those probably hates puppies too.

Philip Berne
Philip Berne

Fair enough. Not a recommendation, then. Good, I'll keep reading. And harassing. And reading. 

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