Tonight: Ssahm BBQ Truck Parks Outside of Sigel's For Wine and Kimchee-Taco Goodness

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Sigel's is getting ready to fire up its Summer Gourmet Food Truck series, which will host gourmet food trucks serving a variety of cuisines paired with Sigel's wines. I spoke today with with Jasper Russo, the director of wine marketing over at Sigel's, about the food truck craze that has recently struck Dallas, and how the liquor store plans to support the trend.

"We know a lot of wine customers care about good food," Russo said, "and food and wine for us go together. We saw the food trucks have trouble, and since we have prime locations around town, we decided to join forces with them."

Ssahm BBQ will be camped out at Sigel's-Greenville tonight, serving dinner from 6 p.m. until they sell out of caramelized kimchee tacos, spicy marinated meat and grilled organic tofu. Wine parings for the evening include Ninety Plus Cellars Langeudoc Rose 2010 from France, Gimenez Rilli Torrontes 2009 from Argentina and Shooting Star Blue Franc 2008 from Washington State.
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They have corrected their website; y'all had the correct info.


Umm, their website is saying Sigel's at 5201 Belt Line Rd.  Can you please verify this information?

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