Picture Show: Burgers Across Texas

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JC Reid / Houston Press
Eating Our Words says Houston's Hubcap's bacon burger is one of the best.
Last week, we joined forces with the Fellowship of the Village Voice Media Ring to bring a epic slideshow of burgers across the country. There were some surprises: the peanut-butter slathered monstrosity from City Pages, and (my god!) the grilled cheese flanked burger in Phoenix.

Working with the Houston Press, we have a new entry in the realm of burger appreciation: burgers across the great state o' Texas. In this new drool-inducing slide show, you'll find burgers from Mckinney, Fort-Worth, Dallas, North Plano, and--of course--Houston. After the jump we're tossing in a few teaser photos courtesy of Eating Our Words and Fort Worth's Love Shack, and the always excellent Katharine Shilcutt. For the full round of shots, check out the slideshow: Burgers Across Texas.

Courtesy Love Shack
Time Love's Love Shack burgers in Fort Worth come with a glorious quail egg.

Christina Uticone / Houston Press
Tex-Mex meets meat at El Real in Houston, where the special off-menu burger is topped with Fritos, guacamole and refried beans.

Sara Kerens
South Dallas-based Smoke's Burger comes with a fried egg fritter on top. Take that, Bourdain.

See more in the full slide show, Burgers Across Texas, and follow Eating Our Words and City of Ate on Twitter: @eatingourwords and @cityofate

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