Dude, T.G.I Friday's Will Let You Buy Dad A Beer Through Facebook

Categories: Whimsy

You know the moment. The sun's pouring in on your Rockwellian dinner table, already made up for Father's Day, and Dad's smoking a pipe with the Morning Herald Sun New Times. You lean over to him in your warm sweater and say "Dad, you want a cold beer?" He says yes, and you saddle up to Facebook and electronically "like" him a beer. Ah, the old story. Like the old days.

So, Thank God It's Friday's has a Father's Day gift suggestion for you. A recent announcement from the Texas-based chain launched the new "buy your friend a beer" app on Facebook, which allows you to electronically purchase a loved one's brew.

Not sure what kind of Dad you have (The Mixmaster broke down the many Dad classes), but a recent study from Planet Earth shows that 99.9 percent of people love beer. T.G.I. Friday's totally hip way of cashing in on beer-loving is available now through the Facebook page.

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