What The World Doesn't Need Now Is An Announcement About Kenny's Balls

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Kenny Bowers love his (meat)balls
The clever marketing folks at Shiroma Southwest sure know how to impress a lady while advertising their client's appearance at this past weekend's Taste Addison. Last week, the PR and communications firm sent me a lone meatball from Kenny's Italian Kitchen, along with a card touting the meatballs and a T-shirt too inappropriate to wear even at Observer headquarters.

Look, I can appreciate a good ball joke as much as anyone else (for evidence, see Mixmaster's entry in the 24 Hour Video Race), but really, marketing peeps, really? No one wants to stroll around town in a shirt with "Taste My (Meat) Balls" scrawled on the back. And, no thank you, I don't want Kenny to prepare his balls especially for me, especially now that I've tasted them and had flashbacks to the elementary school cafeteria.

And I haven't even gotten to the most disturbing part of this whole gimmick. Did you think a photo of owner Kenny Bowers looking like a zombie and ready to attack a meatball sub would encourage people to seek out this man or his food at Taste Addison? Does anyone at the agency have Photoshop or is it a new marketing strategy to present a restaurant owner with demonic red eyes? Maybe you were in a hurry to get the word out about Kenny and his magical "Midnight Meatballs," and maybe you haven't tasted Kenny's balls. But I have, and I can firmly say that the world's not ready for these balls. We're just not ready.

After the jump, see the promotional material from Kenny's Italian Grill...

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ball connoisseur
ball connoisseur

 I had Chef's chocolate salty balls and they were, meh...


Don't forget Pete Schweddy and his Schweddy Balls

As Pete says, "There's no beating my Balls. They're made from a secret Schweddy Family recipe. No one can resist my Schweddy Balls."

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