Rules of the Range in Patton Robertson's Five-Sixty Kitchen

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In part one and two of this week's Three Course Meal, we gave you a look at Patton Robertson, executive chef at Five-Sixty, and his thoughts on the national food scene and the Dallas dining scene, respectively. Today we give you the five rules you have to follow if you want to spend any time in Chef Robertson's Kitchen. 

1. Don't "shhhh" the chef. 

2. Don't snap your fingers at the chef.

3. Always say "behind." (But behind means "move" when I say it.)

4. Make it nice, or you make it twice.

5. If you are waiting on me, then you're moving in the wrong direction.

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I recently moved to Dallas from SanAntonio and as a child, I always ate at the Tower of the Americas, so I have many fond memories.  As soon as I saw the Dallas skyline lit up by the infamous glowing ball- I knew I had to eat there. To my amazement, it was a luxurious, five star Asian restaurant with an array of exotic drinks, fine sushi and the food was intoxicating!  I was fortunate to meet Chef Robertson with whom shared a few culinary tips as I enjoy playing in the kitchen.  The staff was on cue and knew what I needed before I even knew I needed it- water, soy sauce, a new napkin, chop sticks, etc... If not for the sunset view, culinary presentation (every plate was a work of art and I was not the only one taking pictures of the extraordinary cuisine), the staff, the chef, the drinks, the food, the sushi and especially the decadent desserts made fresh daily- If you are in Dallas, then this Wolfgang Puck Five-Sixty Restaurant is not to be missed!!!!!


An impressed and honored patron

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