Presenting! Burgers Across America: A Village Voice Collaborative

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Katharine Shilcutt
Touche, Houston Press.
So, the weather cleared up in time for Memorial Day. Which means you can do the whole Bobby Flay thing. Grill, we mean. You can grill. Not embarrass local chefs by out-cooking them at their own dish. You could do that though, if you wanted.

Anyway, it's grilling season. Much like the deer or the jackalope in hunting season, the burger is a popular choice. In honor of the great American burger, we here at City of Ate and Village Voice Media (all them 13 papers, from OC Weekly to Village Voice) have constructed a collaborative slide show: the burgers across the nation.

You'll want to click through the slide show to get the full details on these beasts (literally, in some cases), but make the jump for a few teases. Bring a napkin, or a drool bucket.

City Pages
The secret ingredient for this burger? Peanut Butter.

Seattle Weekly
The BBQ Smash Burger at Uneeda Burger. Uneeda it.

Village Voice
You CAN'T tell us this veggie burger doesn't look delicious.

Sara Kerens
And, of course, Dallas' Maple & Motor cheeseburger.

View more burger pornography in the Village Voice Collaborative slide show!

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