Makers Mark Lets You Take a Dip

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Tonight, The Ranch at Las Colinas (857 W. John Carpenter Freeway, Irving) and Makers Mark Bourbon will be joining forces and hosting a dip n' sip party. You know, the kind of party where you get tipsy and celebrate your inebriation by dipping random items into a vat of hot wax.

Makers Mark will be supplying the tub of blood-red wax and party-goers are encourage to dip whatever they want into it, within reason of course. The Ranch will be serving up Kentucky Derby inspired Makers Mark drinks, like the Pink Ponyo made with honey and grapefruit juice, and the Horseshoe Sour with Apple Pucker and lemonade. The festivities kick off at 5 p.m. and RSVPs are encouraged.

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The Ranch at Las Colinas

857 W. John Carpenter Freeway, Irving, TX

Category: Music

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Dallas Diner
Dallas Diner

 Dipped my very own at the MM distillery about 10 years ago, and have never opened it.  Mine is definitely not professional quality, but it is a great memento.  The distillery is beautiful.

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