Careful, Don't Holey Cream Your Pants. These Photos NSFW.

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Completely lost in New York during my trip to the James Beard Awards, I stumbled upon Holey Cream. Based on the name, I thought it must be a sex shop. Turns out, it's better: Holey Cream Outrageous Donuts and Ice Cream is a dessert shop that will make you an ice cream sandwich out of donuts and ice cream. Lookit:

You pick out a doughnut, add icing and choose toppings (you get to pick from about 50 different options including Fruit Loops, Nutella, M&Ms and coconut). Then, if you're awesome, you ask them to slice that sucker in half, you pick out an ice cream and they make you a doughnut ice cream sandwich. Holey cream is right.

If you're not up for the crazy doughnut thing, get an ice cream cone. Mine was a chocolate-dipped, sprinkles-added waffle cone plus one scoop of their red velvet ice cream (yeah, it had chunks of red velvet cupcake in it). Stupid delicious.

How does Dallas not have one of these places yet? (Hey, Hypnotic Donuts: Get on this ice cream train already.) A Holey Cream would look mighty nice right next to that Heart Attack Grill.

Holey Cream Outrageous Donuts and Ice Cream
796 9th Ave
New York, NY 10019

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