Week in Blogs: Smoked Meat, Meat Soap and Wiener Men. Can You say Freudian?

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Sara Kerens
Lockhart Smokehouse
This week, Dallasites get cheesy and try to wash away their troubles with meat soap. No, really. Read on.

City of Ate
Cedars Social isn't all that great, concludes Jose Ralat Maldonado. The "comfort" food is ultimately disappointing and over salted, but hopefully you'll be too drunk on the delicious cocktails to notice.

Alice Laussade agrees with Daniel Vaughn when he says that Lockhart Smokehouse has the best barbecue in Texas, but confesses that it's not that big of a title. She has a good time with the fatty brisket and sausage, though.

Someone at Eater finally does the turkey burger right.

And then, Iron Fork happened. If you missed it, here's a slideshow

Jose sets the tacos aside for a moment to talk law.

Side Dish
I still don't get why, but even people on this side of the pond have worked themselves into a tizzy over the royal wedding. Here, have a cocktail.

Tomorrow, Dallas Vegan is holding a bake sale to benefit Japan. Save all kinds of lives at Beauty Bar Dallas.

Last week it was onion iPod chargers, this week it's meat soap.

Looking to celebrate Cinco de Mayo somewhere besides On the Border this year? It's been a few months since we've had one of these lists: celebrate here.

Escape Hatch Dallas
Coal Vines Pizza, "possibly Plano's best pizza" (and that's not a term to throw around lightly) opened on Wednesday at the Shops at Legacy.

Andre Natera of Pyramid restaurant is thrilled that spring has finally sprung. You can see it in that look in his eyes, and the fresh vegetables and spring lamb on his menu.

Pegasus News
Someone who calls himself a "Wiener Man" will hang around Magnolia Avenue in Fort Worth. Better than hanging out, we guess.

Once again, you can snare some hickory smoked brisket tacos at Taco Cabana with the change you have in your pocket. These fellas may even become permanent, so keep your fingers crossed.

Apparently, it's no longer enough to have just a frozen pizza. You either need a mess of frozen wings, or a pot of something that looks like vomit and yard clippings but is called spinach artichoke dip.

Crave DFW
Needing a Wang fix? Get it on Lemmon Avenue, where Howard Wang's just opened.

In the past few months, we've seen taco tours and pizza tours through Dallas. The next logical step is a cheese tour. Crave DFW and others will get their cheese on with Scardello's tour tomorrow.



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Seriously? Meatsoap? You gotta be kidding me. This is really disgusting but the concept is nice.

Josh's broken records
Josh's broken records

Yep, the best BBQ in the great state of Texas is Smitty's Market in Lockhart..bar none..

cynical old bastard
cynical old bastard

"Alice Laussade agrees with Daniel Vaughn when he says that Lockhart Smokehouse has the best barbecue in Texas"

No, that's not what they said. What they said was, "the best barbecue in Dallas." Big difference.

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