Picture Show: Down Some Spring Cocktails in Dallas

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Kristy Yang
Vang Vieng-Thai spiced rum (Mekhong rum), muddled green papaya, mint and ginger beer at Malai
Since that little feral weather-predictor was unable to see his shadow in Punxsutawney, spring kicked off early. The last few days here in Dallas, however, the rain washed away the heat and left a chill. That didn't stop City of Ate contributor and Walk the Wok writer Kristy Yang from downing a few lime-rimmed cocktails.

Her point? To find the most refreshing, margarita-mojito-y drinks in Dallas that would blow Jimmy Buffet's pencil-thin mustache clean off his face.

Check out Kristy's presentation, which ranges from The Ginger Lime Margarita at Lumi to The Porch's grapefruit agave gimlet, and enjoy a few cocktail-porn shots after the jump.

Afterward, you may want some pie.
Kristy Yang
The Porch: Grapefruit Agave Gimlet -- Grapefruit-infused Sobieski Vodka/freshly squeezed lime juice/agave nectar
Photo Courtesy La Duni
Mojito with Bacardi Silver Rum at La Duni
Kristy Yang
See more cocktails in Kristy Yang's slideshow

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You have to try Frankie's Mojito! The only location I know of is in the Canyon Creek neighborhood in Richardson but it's amazing...they muddle grapes with the mint, they use champagne instead of seltzer and a splash of sprite on top if I remember correctly...I do believe there are other locations but hell...that one's a mile from my house so we can walk and have all the mojito's we want!

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