White Rock Coffee Called Dallas' Best Coffee Shop

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The folks down at White Rock Coffee may not have known what a Cup O' Joe Award was a week ago, but they do now. A few days ago, the Lake Highlands shop won the award for best coffee house in Dallas from Krups USA, a maker of espresso and coffee machines.

"We're just thrilled. It's awesome to be thought about for top 10 in America," White Rock co-owner Nancy Baker says.

Well, top 15, actually. Krups gave Cup O' Joe Awards to coffee houses in 10 cities around the nation and five in New York.

Baker says there are several things that set her shops apart from other local coffee houses. For one, they roast their own coffee, but someone's gotta brew it, right? As you may recall, Roasted reported one of the shop's baristas advanced to the South Central Regional Barista competition in Austin. Baker says that none of her baristas attended this year's competition, but that they still compete locally in "barista jams" around Dallas.

It takes more than a good barista to pull a shot of espresso, and Baker says the brew is only as good as the beans, and this cafe is in a unique position to provide fresher beans. Since the store has its own bean roaster, Baker says they can buy directly from growers in an agreement she calls "direct-trade."

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It's sad that this award, masquerading as some real achievement in coffee, will bring more business to this bastion of mediocrity. Perhaps it is true that Krups giving an award for coffee is a bit like Chef Boyardee handing out awards for Italian food. Continuing with this comparison, Krups has decided to award the Macaroni Grill of Dallas coffee shops. The only thing noteworthy that Bob and Nancy Baker have done for the Dallas coffee scene is to create a workplace that so stifled the pursuit if excellence that it forced the soon-to-be founders of Cultivar Coffee, perhaps Dallas' finest coffee shop/roaster, to find greener pastures to further their coffee education. To overlook Cultivar and Oddfellows, truly fantastic coffee shops, and reward a shop that is minutely better than Starbucks is a shame.


I think they have a very catchy line. Its nice to hear about them as they have been for a while now.Delonghi Coffee Maker


However, getting a good coffee award from Krups is a bit like getting an award for the best Italian restaurant from Chef Boyardee.


And Pearl Cup's Coffee is just better. Just because you roast on site doesn't mean it's a great roast.


Yeah, isn't that barista who went to competition now pulling shots at Stir Coffee?

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