Iron Fork 2011: Scott Romano Scotches an Egg, Wins the Chef Competition

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Scott Romano's finished--and winning--dish: a play on steak and eggs. See more photos of the food and people at Iron Fork 2011.
Eat your heart out, Bobby Flay.

The pressure cooker was hissing, and sweat was dripping down Scott Romano's forehead as he cupped fresh California avocado around a soft boiled egg. Then, he dipped the whole thing in egg wash, breaded it and eased it into a deep frying bath.
All photos by Nick Rallo
Scott Romano eyes the table of ingredients, brought by sponsor Whole Foods.
It was one of many humbling (for foodies) scenes at Iron Fork at the Fashion Industry Gallery, where sponsors Whole Foods, Fuze, Tequila Avion and more joined forces with local restaurants like Torchy's Taco's, Dallas Chophouse and Mozzarella Company to make the ultimate food, drink and music event.

The audience watched in a mix of zen and excitement as the Chef Scott Romano of Charlie Palmer and Gilbert Garza of Suze diligently worked avocado skins back and eased meat onto buttery pans. Rathbun worked the microphone, answering questions during the 45-minute battle -- where avocado was the secret ingredient -- and the chefs each churned out four dishes for the judges.

Romano spent a good deal of time on his Scotch Egg, while Chef Garza used blistered grapes under creamy sauces. The judges cracked Romano's fried egg (the gooey-ness!), swept up Garza's avocado sauce, and ultimately chose Romano as the winner. In this age of chef celebrity, it was an exciting thing to behold.

We'll be along with more on the food and people of Iron Fork, but check out more photos and video of the Iron Chef competition below.

The chefs prepare the burners.
California avocados were the special ingredient.
Team Romano wraps scallops in avocado during Iron Fork's chef competition.
From left to right: judges Brittany Cobb, Gene Gates, Steven Doyle
Chef Garza's scallop and avocado creation
Kent Rathbun, moderator, announces the winner: Scott Romano.
See video of the Iron Fork Chef Competition after the jump.

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How do I find the photos from that night?


This event was SO FUN!!!


Congratulations to Scott Romano and his assistant! There was no doubt since the beginning who would win this competition.


SUCH a bad ass event! Chefs were awesome (and chatty!) and the freakin' food!!! I think I tried maybe 2 dishes I really didn't care for...other than that? BOMB.

Good job, DO!

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