Booze Guru Sly Cosmopoulos' Top Five Summer Cocktails

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Sly has some summer drinks for you. Not trying them would be rude.
In this week's three-course meal, we're liquefying your reading diet with an interview with Sly Cosmopoulos, a cocktail consultant for a large liquor distributor. Read part one, read part two, then go through her trash and steal her identity so you too can get paid to drink.

Since summer is nearly here, we asked Cosmopoulos to share five summer cocktails that we should check out this season.

1. I like to take spiced rum and triple sec, shake it up with some fresh lime juice and tamarind nectar with just a splash of pineapple Juice. Toss some fresh pineapple into the mix.

2. Mix Catdaddy moonshine, a little fresh orange juice and sugar and top it off with Blue Moon and a splash of ginger ale.

3. Palomas: a tradition made in Mexico but brought to the States. A little tequila muddled with fresh ruby red grapefruit, sugar, lime and topped off with Fresca. Deliciosa.

4. Another trend I see I like to call "Baking with Cocktails" -- take Cupcake Sauvignon Blanc and add a little Pinnacle whipped vodka and lemon juice and I swear it's like eating a lemon meringue pie -- but better. Don't forget the sugar cube as a garnish.

5. Aside from Apertivo cocktails, absinthe is something I am seeing more and more of, as bartenders are becoming more comfortable with the spirit. I always say to keep it super simple -- some absinthe, simple syrup, Sprite, a dash of pineapple, all shaken over ice. Does the trick and will keep you super cool.

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