Bob Armstrong Dip: A Secret Everybody Knows

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Originally an off the menu item at Matt's El Rancho in Austin, Bob Armstrong dip, named after former Texas Land Commissioner Bob Armstrong, titillated the taste buds of Austinites before word traveled up Interstate 35 to Mattito's Tex-Mex in Dallas.

Once word got out, Matt's El Rancho put the dip on their menu. Mattito's, however, did not. The restaurants were once joined, but had a falling out and went their separate ways. Consequently, Mattito's Bob Armstrong dip became one of the most renowned off-the-menu items in Dallas.

For those who have not yet tried the dip, or even heard murmurs of its legendary deliciousness, Bob Armstrong dip is layered chile con queso, seasoned ground beef, guacamole and a dash of sour cream, all stacked up in bowl. It is served alongside a bowl of tortilla chips, but we recommend a side of flour tortillas for dipping and rolling purposes. It comes in two sizes, small and large. Get the large. It goes fast.

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6129 Main St., Irving, TX

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for some reason the Observer's "location" feature thinks Mattito's is in Irving.


I like to refer to it as crack.


This post has been brought to you by Mattito's, "the best Tex-Mex in Dallas and Frisco"

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