Dallas Observer's City of Ate Presents "Supper Club at The Kessler"

Forgive us a little bit of self-promotion here: The Kessler Theater and City of Ate have teamed up to offer the monthly "Supper Club at The Kessler," a series of food and music events featuring a mix of some of the area's most talented chefs and musical performers. The Kessler's main room will be transformed into an old-fashioned supper club with dining tables for an evening meal, followed by a live musical performance.

"City of Ate Presents Supper Club at The Kessler" debuts on the evening of Thursday, April 7, and features the talents of chef Marc Cassel, formerly with the Green Room, Dragonfly and most recently Park, in the kitchen. Jazz vocalist Damon K. Clark will perform. (For a sample of his work, check out the YouTube video from the Kessler above.)

Reserved seating is available at Prekindle.com/Kessler, and we'll bring you more information about the menu and upcoming shows in future posts.

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The Kessler Theater

1230 W. Davis St., Dallas, TX

Category: Music

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That music is lovely, but not the "jazz" I was hoping to hear while dining to Marc Cassel's fare.


Yeah, I knew that, and to be honest YouTube embedding function was acting up, so I basically had to grab the first one that opened with his vocals. Sorry. If you search YouTube for Damon Clark, though, you'll find quite a few jazz videos from his performances at the Kessler. --Patrick

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