The Keg: It's Like a Canadian Outback Steakhouse

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Each week, Happy Eating highlights a restaurant happy hour food menu. This week, we migrate to Las Colinas to see how the IT folk and corporate types like to party.

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Send this back to Santa Fe.
Where: The Keg, 859 West John Carpenter Freeway, Irving.
When: 4-7 p.m. Monday-Friday.
The Scene: It was the middle of the week when we visited, and the bar was packed with professional nerds, wannabe Gordon Gekkos and divorcees. It's Irving, so there were also smokers. Las Colinas really is becoming more and more like an '80s movie, is it not?
The Deal: The $5 appetizer items include baked goat cheese, Santa Fe chicken dip, tempura snap peas and asparagus, nachos and potato spring rolls.
The Steal: Margaritas for $4 or $3 bottled imports
The Con: The food is...well, the Keg can best be described as the Outback Steakhouse of Canada.
Eat: Can we say "eat," but mean "drink?" Because the orange slice martini is awesome. Fresh squeezed orange juice and cold vodka. Yay.
Skip: The tempura veggies sounded so promising, but they came out as a greasy, unrecognizable mess.
Lushworthy: The $4 orange slice martini.

The bottom line: The cocktail waitresses are cute and extremely nice. (Sorry for accidentally walking out on our tab, ladies. Your money is in the mail.) Drink here, people watch, but go to nearby Blue Fish to take advantage of their happy hour sushi deals, instead.

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The Keg Steakhouse & Bar

5760 SW Loop 820 @ Bryant-Irvin Road, Fort Worth, TX

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Labeling food as "Canadian" is quite the thumbs down.

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