Oak Lawn Italian Restaurant Gets a New Name

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Daniele Osteria got a new name last week.

Readying the spaghetti at what's now D'Carlo
​New owner Carlos Munoz has rechristened the Oak Lawn restaurant "D'Carlo" and is developing a logo to match.

"Working with the marketing team, they wanted something like my name," Munoz explains. "It's short and simple."

While the name's changed, chef Daniele Puleo's menu is staying the same -- although the restaurant may soon offer a few additional pastas and cheese plates.

"It's exactly the same people in the kitchen," Munoz says.

D'Carlo is currently Munoz's only restaurant.

"For now," he adds.

Location Info

D'Carlo - CLOSED

3300 Oak Lawn Ave., Dallas, TX

Category: Restaurant

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Felicidades y espero que les siga el exito que an tenido desde que el burro de daniel se fue . (hace 5 años )Felicidades . Manuel

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