Food Porn, Knorks, Facelifts and Awards -- Stuff Happens

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This week in blogs, City of Ate and Alice Laussade were named James Beard Award finalists. And then some other stuff happened. Whatevs...

City of Ate
As Alice Laussade assured us before, B.E.E. is capable of serving delicious, choose-your-own adventure enchiladas. Hanna Raskin fills up on Tex-Mex before during her last few weeks in Texas and finds that B.E.E has the basic enchilada down pat, but the more exotic options -- sweet potato and quinoa -- still need some work.

Alice wades through piles of old people for a slightly bland chile relleno at Mexicali Restaurant.

City of Ate and Alice are both nominated for the prestigious James Beard Awards. Results coming in May.

Hanna offers her opinion on when a critic can or should review a restaurant. Reviewers usually get the best idea after the first few months, as the restaurants eases out the kinks. But Hanna's time in Texas is dwindling, so she plans to check out Cedars Social, Sutra and Komali -- ready or not.

Kristy Yang takes a tour through the kitchen at Noodle House to learn the techniques behind their noodles and dumplings.

It turns out that not even Dallasites like Dallas. The Cedars Social's bartender Mike Martensen says Dallas drinkers prefer New York or San Francisco-inspired cocktails.

Usually, "food porn" refers to something G-rated. Not so with Carl's Jr., the hamburger chain that delights in tacky "porny" ads. For your convenience, Nick Rallo made a list.

Side Dish
Unless you're looking to be stripped of your Dallas card, get to Babe's and get down on some chicken fried steak, says Courtney Foreman.

Look. Just look at this sandwich.

Krista Nightengale explains why Dragonfly's "facelift" is so delightful.

Eating in Dallas
If you're craving some after-dinner reading, try these suggestions.

Crave DFW
You thought you'd see it all. Ladies and gentlemen, may we present the Knork.

Savor Dallas 2011 smelled like success. And it looked like it, too.

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