Palomino's All-Day Happy Hour: A Good Idea Gets A-Salted

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Each week, Happy Eating highlights a different restaurant happy hour food menu. This week, we clean ourselves up for a jaunt to the Crescent Court.

Where: Palomino Restaurant and Bar, 500 Crescent Court, Ste. 165
When: All day, everyday in the bar. Hours are 11a.m.-10 p.m. Sunday-Thursday and 11 a.m.-11 p.m. Friday-Saturday.
The Scene: Dallas aristocracy, men in sports jackets, women in Chanel. The décor stikes one as a men's clubby Cheesecake Factory. During the week, it's slow, but Thursdays and Fridays see a fair share of after-work drinkers.
The Deal: $6 pizzas, $8 flatbreads, reduced prices on appetizers.
The Steals: Thin-crust pizzas can cost upwards of $15 in the dining room, so $6 is a steal. Under $10 appetizers include Dungeness crab and artichoke dip, calamari, meatballs and Tuscan bean dip.
The Con: Parking. Valet is $5, but there is also pay-by-the-hour self-parking.
Eat: Manila clams for $9. The bowl of clams swim in a buttery white wine sauce and are accompanied by a Parmesan crostini.
Skip: Prosciutto flatbread is a salt bomb. It's unfortunate that prosciutto, pecorino sardo and white truffle oil can combine for such a fail.
Lushworthy: Cranberry mojito.

The bottom line: Parking is a bummer. Everything we tried was a tad too salty. All day, everyday happy hour seemed too good to be true, after all.

Location Info

Palomino Restaurant Rotisseria Bar

500 Crescent Court, Dallas, TX

Category: Restaurant

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Maybe everything is so salty to keep you drinking. But really, pecorino AND prosciutto are both salty to start with. So, yeah maybe it tasted too salty to you because you were sucking down cranberry mojitos.......


Dude, Palomino validates parking at the Crescent, so parking should be free.

Kristy Yang
Kristy Yang

Yes, both pecorino and prosciutto are salty, but on top of that, the sauce was way too salty and they salted the spinach, as well. If they're going to use two ingredients like pec and prosc, they should back off the salt in the other ingredients, non?

kristy yang
kristy yang

Hmm...I valeted, but thanks for letting us know that!

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