In the Bag: Lean Cuisine Codes a Lunch Obsession

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Better than a secret decoder ring, we guess.
So why have the women in your office been politely refusing your invitations to lunch lately?  It's because they're collecting codes.  Codes for what you ask.  Codes for a free lunch bag from Lean Cuisine's 2011 Red Carpet Collection. 

At least four women in my office are purposely skipping lunch outings to stay in and eat frozen meals in the office break room. If they collect 20 codes before March 31 and enter them into Lean Cuisine's free lunch bag website, they can redeem them for a lunch bag that's way more fashionable than a brown paper lunch sack or that little Banana Republic bag they've been reusing for several weeks.

Check out the trendy insulated lunch bags Lean Cuisine is giving away and you might find yourself bringing your lunch to work too.

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Jay Fitz
Jay Fitz

looking for place to type codes


My boyfriend just lost the third insulated lunch bag that I bought him. So I told him that once we reach 20 codes, he will be carrying his lunch to work in the “The Ashley” (Fun and Flirty) — and if he loses that one, I am done fixing lunch for him!

If anyone has any spare codes (after reaching 20, or if they give up), send them to me at bwellston(at-sign) They will go to a good cause: A girly lunch purse for my careless boyfriend. This will be awesome!

Jay Fitz
Jay Fitz



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