Super Bowl Food Celebrity Super Sighting at the Bud Light Hotel

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Dallas Observer
Wonder if his cuisine will reign supreme this weekend.
OMG! Lots of Super Bowl parties going on in Dallas--right now--and oh-so-many celebs. We're combing through the photos from The Bud Light Hotel and the F.I.G.: not exactly foodie celeb heaven. Except a couple from last night's Playboy Super Bowl party.

Well, two if you count Iron Chef Marc Forgione's awesome mohawk.

And hey, it's the Subway guy (after the jump)! You know, Jared! You can feel your anxious desire to scope food celebrities disappearing, right?

Here's to hoping one of our photographers captures a fleeting image of Bobby Flay or Jose Garces to give us another food-celeb fix.

Dallas Observer
Dude, it's Jared.

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I saw Raskin at the super bowl party in Fort Worth. She had a name tag on so I knew it was her.


Those are your celebrities? I hope more are to come. There has to be some more attractive people drinking the 49.2 million cases of beer we're all going to help consume tomorrow. The stats are ridiculous. http://foodiegossip.blogspot.c...

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