Settling Old Scores at Spiral Diner's Third Annual Pancake Eating Contest

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Photos by Patrick Michels
Denied in 2009, Mario Sanchez raises his vegan pancake eating trophy to the sky Sunday at Spiral Diner, as last year's champ, James Magruder, gathers his composure.
For most of the crowd gathered there Sunday afternoon, the birthday bash at Spiral Diner was about celebrating three years of vegan eating in the always-friendly Oak Cliff spin-off, but for Mario Sanchez it was about something else entirely: "Retribution."

That was the word on Sanchez's lips moments after he downed 21 vegan pancakes in five minutes, putting an end to a nightmare that began two years ago, at Spiral's first contest, when he lost by just half a pancake, after three overtime rounds, to a trash-talking interloper named Eric Mason.

This time around, Sanchez wasn't leaving anything to chance, charging out the gate with four cakes stuffed into his mouth at once. Even by out-doing his 17-cake performance last year, defending champion James Magruder hardly stood a chance.

Magruder finished with 19 pancakes in the tense five-minute bout, runner-up in a field of about a dozen hungry vegans and vegan-friendly eaters.

Check out more photos from the contest here in our slideshow.

Spiral Diner's Sara Tomerlin shows off the pancake trophy before the contest.
Magruder and Sanchez keep it loose before the contest starts.
Aaron Gonzalez wraps in a pancake under his expertly curled mustache, while Josh Kouma steals a look at the competition.

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Spiral Diner & Bakery

1101 N. Beckley Ave., Dallas, TX

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