It's Quiet Out There in Food Land. Too Quiet.

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According to blogs, the Dallas food scene has been calm waters this week. Everyone still loves tacos and Stephan Pyles. Everyone still hates improperly prepared steaks and narcissistic pub food. Oh, and Matt's still exists. Read on.

City of Ate
Hanna Raskin finds that La Fiorentina leaves guests scowling after charging sky-high prices for unimpressive and even "aggravating" dishes

City of Ate makes a list of the most annoying food commercials.

Contrary to East Dallas Times and the Morning News, Matt's Lakewood location doesn't have an absolute expiration date.

Although the snow days this month affected a few seedlings, Jesse Sidlauskas assures us that farmers are familiar with, well farming. Weather comes with the territory, so crops didn't suffer too much.

Still eagerly awaiting In-N-Out Burger? Keep waiting. If you get hungry, try one of the new 80 Del Tacos set to open in Texas.

Dallas Morning News
Molly Maguire's Ale House and Eatery rudely awakens Mark Vamos with "flabby" fried fish and offensively salty broths.

Two-month-old Lucia earns top marks and full stars from Leslie Brenner for its surprising, creative and delicious menu.

Eats Blog
If Bee Movie left you wanting something more, go see Queen of the Sun. The bee documentary is showing at the Texas Theatre through March 3.

Side Dish
Here is a post that talks about how much everyone loves Stephan Pyles.

Although Side Dish was slightly obsessed with Komali this week, Sarah Reiss found Abraham Salum's restaurant lacking and unbearably noisy.

Pegasus News
I could put something terribly tacky and cliché about how life is like a box of chocolates, but you're all tired of hearing that. Instead, I'll just say what Teresa Gubbins said: J Dorian Chocalatier will close at the end of the month.

Critic's Guide
For those who love to exclaim about how great the weather is, Dave Faries provides a list of Dallas' top patios.

More should be less, but it turns out more food equals less flavor at Elevation Burger.



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If you're going to mention Sarahs "first take" then you should really include Andrews, also from D Magazine, who posted the same day!


So, is it quiet in Food Land, or is it quite? Or maybe it's quite quiet? Inquiring minds want to know!

Nick R.
Nick R.

All Quite on the Western Front.



as long as you're at it, cliche should be cliched. cliche is a noun not an adjective

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