Fill Your Super Bowl in Arlington. You're Going to Be Stuck in Traffic Anyway.

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As much as we hate to admit it, technically, the Super Bowl is being held in Arlington. So in honor of the big game in the little city west of us, here's a list of some Asian eateries to visit in Arlington.

For banh mi:
This is a toss up. Most locals are loyal to Ba Le on Browning. Indeed, they have great (and my personal favorite) baguettes. Their fillings, however? Meh.

The self-professed queen of banh mi, aka my mother, swears by the grilled pork banh mi thit at Cho Saigon (Saigon market). After trying it last week, I have to say she is on to something. While Quoc Bao may hold the unofficial title of best banh mi in Dallas, I'm going to go out on a limb and say the sandwich stand in the back of Cho Saigon New Market has the best Vietnamese sandwich in DFW. here, I said it. It is really freaking good, dude. I actually forgot to take a picture before devouring the whole thing.

Their grilled pork has crack in it, and I don't even normally order the grilled pork banh mi, opting instead for the deli meats and pate variety. Although, those too are really good. Their cuts of pickled dichon and carrots are thick and have a great acidic bite to them. The pate is yummy without being too pungent. My only gripe is that the bread (which the stand doesn't bake themselves) is quite big and thick. The baguette does have a beautiful egg washing-shine to them, but I prefer less bread.

The prices are also incredibly reasonable at $2.50 for a sandwich and $3 for four spring rolls. Along with sandwiches and baked goods, the stand sells some of the freshest and texturally perfect spring rolls available in DFW. There's also a version of the spring rolls with the tasty grilled pork in them. Check this place out.

Ba Le
2240 Browning Drive

Cho Saigon New Market
2206 South Collins St.

Not hungry for a sandwich? Then follow the jump to a selection of other Asian faves in Arlington. (For a complete listing of Super Bowl events, try our guide, located here.)

For pho:
Pho Palace. Their pho is not too shabby.
2126 South Collins St.

For noodle soup that isn't pho:

My Tho. Have you ever tried hu tieu or a Vietnamese egg noodle called my? Try it out here.
100 W. Pioneer Parkway, No. 156

For Chinese food:
First Chinese BBQ is down the street from the stadium.
2214 South Collins St.

For dim sum:
Kowloon Chinese Seafood Restaurant is where the natives go.
100 W. Pioneer Parkway

For crab fried rice:
ABC Seafood Chinese Restaurant
has a very tasty version of the decadent dish.
2420 E. Arkansas Lane, No.216

For Vietnamese buffet and hot pot:
Le's Fire Pot
2535 E Arkansas Lane, No. 361

For boba bubble tea:
Bethany Boba Tea House
705 West Park Row Drive

Location Info

Ba Le Restaurant

11404 Shiloh Road, Dallas, TX

Category: Restaurant

First Chinese B-B-Q

111 S. Greenville Ave., Richardson, TX

Category: Restaurant

Le's Fire Pot

2535 E. Arkansas Lane, Arlington, TX

Category: Restaurant

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Jon was driving n noted that there was a new banh mi place off of Beltline n Josey. Have you tried it yet? Any recommendations for the Carrollton area?

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