Wintertime is "Hammertime" at the Anvil Pub

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Andrea Grimes
Stop. It's Hammertime.
There's not much ice left on the streets, but "cold" still seems an inadequate word to describe the weather outside. You can coat your outsides with scarves and mittens, but where does that leave your shivering insides? Dallasites cannot survive on hot toddies alone, which is why y'all should head over to the Anvil Pub in Deep Ellum and order up a bowl of "Hammertime," the $5 goo-pile of mac 'n cheese and either family recipe or vegan chili.

OK, look, the chili has beans in it so we know that makes it soup, technically, in Texas, but you won't want to bother with the finer points of gastronomical nomenclature once this bad boy hits the table. The Anvil Pub has already redefined "creamy" with their original mac 'n cheese, but adding in a helping of spicy beef chili sends the pasta dish into another dimension of queso altogether. One bowl should coat your stomach to last you at least another nine or 10 toddies.

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Anvil Pub

2638 Elm St., Dallas, TX

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Andrea, I really enjoyed your writing about the helpless creatures around Dallas. Please come back and tell us about how Stella is doing. Don't let those bombastic males on the Observer staff tease you and torment you!


ugh, I want this inside of me.

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